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Listings :

Advanced Settlements
offering viatical, senior, and life settlement services to estate and financial planners, attorneys, and agents.
viatical settlement company specializing in life insurance settlement and redemption, as well as senior financial settlements.
American Life Enhancement
providing viaticals, as well as alternatives.
Amrita Financial
Offering honest and reputable life settlement brokerage services focused on delivering the highest payment amount to policy holders.
Benefits America
Cappel, O'Hara & Schmidt, Inc.
offers viatical settlements for anyone wanting to sell their life insurance policy.
Clearwater Viaticals
viatical settlement investment broker for safe high yield returns for the investor.
Coventry Financial
providers of life settlements.
Fiedler Financial
will explore your viatical settlement options confidentially and without a fee.
Heritage Group
helps seniors sell life insurance policies for viatical settlements.
Ideal Life Settlements
national broker providing life insurance and viatical settlements to policy holders and financial professionals.
Individual Benefits
helping individuals and seniors cash-in their life insurance policies.
Lallone Financial Group
Legacy Benefits Corporation
viatical settlement company.
Life Funding Solutions
offers viatical and senior settlements to life insurance policy owners and financial professionals nationwide.
Life Insurance Buyers, Inc.
specializes in viatical settlements of life insurance policies for terminally ill individuals.
Life Insurance Settlements, Inc.
life settlements broker with access to exclusive sources of funding.
Life Investment Funding Enterprises
providing senior life insurance settlement policies for sale directly to individuals, insureds, life insurance agents, and financial planning industry consultants.
Life Partners Holdings
offers financial assistance to the terminally ill by purchasing their life insurance policies before they die.
Living Funds
offers viatical and senior settlement funding direct to the insured, and broker services to life insurance agents and estate and financial planners.
Medical Escrow Society Assignable Life Assets
life insurance settlement broker.
Mutual Benefits Corporation
specializes in viatical and senior settlements.
NVI Advantage Funding
direct funder of viatical and senior life settlements.
Page & Associates, Inc.
offers life insurance options for the elderly or terminally ill.
Robin Hood International, Ltd.
investment services providing online list of available viatical settlement policies for brokers.
Senior Life Settlements
offers information and online quotes.
give seniors the ability to cash in excess life insurance policies by negotiating settlements with financing partners.
Services International Corporation, Inc.
provides viatical investment opportunities worldwide.
Significant Solutions Corp.
viatical settlement company.
Summit Viaticals
offering viatical settlement investment.
Unique Settlements
assists other financial professionals in liquidating, repositioning, and replacing non-performing life insurance policies.
US Life Settlements
professional life settlement advisors help to convert life insurance policies into cash.
ViaSource Funding Group
making funds available through viatical settlement for the terminally ill or aged.
Viati Com
viatical settlement investment brokerage company.
Viatical Benefits, Inc.
assisting with insurance settlements for seniors and individuals living with serious illness.
Viatical Settlements Partners International
enable a person facing a life-threatening illness to sell their life insurance policy for cash at a discount from its face value.
viatical and senior settlements clearinghouse for insurance agents, estate and financial planners, attorneys, and other professionals.
ViatiCare Financial Services, LLC
viatical services for people with life-threatening conditions.
Viaticus, Inc
provides money to individuals with life threatening illness by purchasing their life insurance policy.
Washington Viatical
provides seniors and agents with full Life Settlement and Viatical services nationally.
Welcome Funds
licensed viatical and senior life settlement broker.